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Abundant Health Massage Therapy & Wellness has completed the Self-Certification process with the State of Connecticut and is committed to adhering to the safety & sanitation standards that are outlined in the ReOpen Connecticut Sector Rules for June 17th reopen (Phase Two).  We have all of our PPE in stock and we are fully prepared to safely serve our clients once again!

New Policies and Procedures

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we want to ensure you that we are continuing to practice our high standards of cleaning and disinfecting as well as adding strict protocols as recommended by the CDC and local government. We are committed to providing massage and bodywork services in the safest environment possible for each of our clients. As such, the following policies and procedures have been implemented. Please read through these thoroughly so you’ll know what to expect from us and what will be required of you at your appointment. Please note, these policies and procedures may change without notice due to government and insurance regulations.

  • If you are considered high-risk for contracting COVID-19 due to respiratory illness or condition, a compromised immune system, chronic heart, kidney, or liver disease, severe obesity, or other such conditions, please do not schedule an appointment.  If you are feeling ill, have recently tested positive for COVID-19, or have been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 30 days, your appointment will be need to be rescheduled.


  • Upon arrival in the parking lot, each client will call or text to notify us of their arrival. The door will remain locked at all times. Each client will remain in their vehicle until called or texted to come inside.


  • Friends or family members will not be allowed to wait in our waiting room, unless they are a guardian of the client.


  • Please bring a mask with you.  Each client will be required to wear a mask at all times throughout their visit, including on the massage table.


  • Each client will sanitize their hands using an alcohol-based sanitizer, which will be provided in the treatment room.


  • Each client will have their temperature taken upon arrival with a touchless, infrared thermometer.  If you have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, your appointment will need to be rescheduled. 


  • Each client will be given a sanitized pen along with paperwork to sign, affirming that they:               

                 --Do not currently/have not recently experienced symptoms associated with COVID-19,                 
                 --Have not (including household members) been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 30 days,                 
 --Have not knowingly been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 30 days. 


  • The therapist will perform the massage while wearing extensive personal protective equipment (PPE), including a mask and safety glasses.  Hand sanitizer will be used before, during, and after the session.


  • The checkout, payment, and rebooking process will be completed in the treatment room to limit the use of common areas.



  • We are spacing out appointments so that we have ample time before each client's session to properly disinfect the following:


  • All surfaces that are potentially touched (ie light switches, door knobs, handles, bathroom fixtures, etc) are properly disinfected between each client. 

  • Massage table (including the new plastic table protector, face cradle, face cradle components, and ankle/knee bolster) is disinfected between each client.

  • All linens are changed with each client. They are cleaned with proper protocol for viral destruction. This is NOT a new policy, but a reiteration of what we’ve always done.  If a client requires a blanket, a clean one will be provided, and then will be washed after each session.

  • An air purifier with a HEPA filter will be used during and after each client's session.  It also has a UV light, which kills any airborne bacteria & viruses in the air.


The disinfectant we are using is superior in many ways.  It is not only effective, but also safe:

  • EPA registered/hospital grade disinfectant

  • Kills Human Coronavirus, Hepatitis B & C Virus, Influenza, Herpes

  • Odor-free

  • Non-toxic and non-irritating

  • Formulated without bleach, alcohol or quats

  • Biodegradable: active ingredient breaks down into oxygen and water

Please understand that these new policies are to ensure the safety of each and every client as well as your therapist. Even with all these measures, we continue to strive to offer the most therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere possible, so you can expect the same amazing treatments and results you’ve always received.

This set of policies may be updated, as necessary, to continue the safety and success of our practice.  If you have additional questions or concerns, please let us know.

While all these new policies are in place to reduce the likelihood of the virus transmission, our best defense continues to be a healthy immune system.  Please continue to eat a healthy diet, exercise, focus on good sleeping habits, and reduce stress as much as possible.